Volunteers of Friedens

Friedens reaches its goal of "building ladders of peace" in Milwaukee with the help of almost 2,000 volunteers every year! We could not do this work without them. They bring joy, hard work, and compassion into our pantries every day. Here are some of our volunteers and their thoughts about peace.






Q: What’s your favorite thing about Rodney (Friedens Food Manager)?

A: I think he’s an awesome person

Q: What makes him so awesome?

A: I see the way he brings the meat to Coggs and everything and he showin’ me how his job works. And he’s a good person.




“Being at my cabin and fishing on my boat, while being surrounded by nature is a time when I was at peace”



“We’re all in this together. There’s no such thing as one somebody doing something for somebody else. I believe that everybody needs help and we shouldn’t shy away from people like that. We should all band together and help these people.”

zang and manengbah

Zang and Manengbah

“Treating everyone fairly whether they are poor, homeless, etc. Never judging someone for who they are because a mistake you make today, you will learn from it. We are human beings, no one is perfect.”



“I build peace in my community because I’m used to having block parties and barbecues and stuff with my community to help keep kids of the streets. And that makes me happy. Giving opportunities to the little ones, you know what I’m saying? That’s about it!”



Q: What does building ladders of peace mean to you?

“I think that every rung is different, and I think that with Friedens, I think the first rung is like helping people, the second rung is making sure they get what they need, and the third rung is making sure that they’re happy once they leave this place.”



“Friedens allows people to be at peace because they do not have to worry about where their next meal will come from, so Friedens enables others to experience peace.”