Volunteering at Friedens Food Pantries

Everyone is welcome to volunteer. It’s an experience that can truly nourish the soul. Serving others is a powerful way to improve our own lives in addition to others. Come check out one of our locations and discover the power of food, love, and community.

With volunteer shifts Monday through Saturday at varying times and locations, there is sure to be something that would fit your schedule! Over 30% of our volunteer force is made up of community members who also use our food pantry. Local schools, businesses, other organizations, and individuals frequently volunteer their time to assist at Friedens Food Pantries. Most of our pantry locations are completely operated by volunteers, with staff support as guidance. With over 2,500 volunteers serving yearly, these family members are integral to our operations and to the communities they serve.

Additionally, our volunteer opportunities provide options to build skills in customer service, warehouse operations, growth coaching, peer mentorship, and a referable experience for future employers. Our volunteer family members become community ambassadors contributing to a greater good – building dignity, job skills, hope and peace alongside their community.

Any questions? Contact our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@friedenspantry.org