Nutrition and Wellness

Friedens offers various forms of enrichment that support nutrition and wellness at each of our locations, with additional expansions planned as we continue to grow. Some of our current opportunities include food demonstrations and tastings that utilize pantry ingredients and health screenings such as blood pressure checks- both provided by dietetic students from Mount Mary University and local churches. Newly installed container gardens at Zion Rock will offer our pantry guests and neighboring community members a chance to grow and harvest good food. Offering enrichment activities and opportunities allows us to engage in deeper relationships with community members that open the door to conversations and programming around supportive and healthy housing, physical and emotional wellness, financial and educational resources, and other quality of life supports.

Future Plans

  • Healthy Dinner Conversations
  • More Gardening Opportunities
  • More Food Sampling and Demonstrations

Email us at to learn more about these initiatives and how you can support them.


Friedens Pantries exists because of the support of our neighbors

With multiple food distribution programs that distribute more than 1.3 million pounds of food to our neighbors each year and wrap-around support that helps clients achieve a sense of belonging and empowerment, Friedens Pantries aims to end hunger and create a safe space for all. Make your impact today!