Making Connections

In a post pandemic world – where the world is both connected through media like Zoom and feeling isolated at the same time. We need places and spaces where people can not only connect but do so where they feel safe and welcomed.

Friedens Food Pantries strives to be that connecting point where people feel welcome and safe at the same time. This holds true for our guests or clients but also for our volunteers. There is a mutuality in this space that is seen and felt. We have many sayings, but one is, “We don’t practice charity here, but we practice justice.” What we mean when we say such a statement is that we strive to be equals here on whichever side of the aisle one finds themselves.

What this means to the organization is that our clients tell us where they are when they come to one of our pantries. Whether it is for food, making a connection or even volunteering. Did you know that many of our volunteers, once served will then come and serve others? And some of our best volunteers take food home. It is the practice of justice and what makes Friedens different from other organizations.

In an interview with a local news organization, the reporter asked what would happen if the pantries all went away. The respondent really did not know how to answer. It is hard to imagine our community without places like ours. Not only for the food they provide, but for the connections. Another one or our sayings – “Poverty is not the absence of stuff; it is the absence of hope.” This time it was the reporter who paused, but then nodded. They understood where we are coming from and the role our organization plays in the community.

Join us as you can to volunteer. Support us if you can with your contributions. Tell others about what we do and what we mean to you.