Pandemic Reflection – by David Nelson

The pandemic began in earnest just over one year ago here in MKE. Nobody could imagine what was to come in the months ahead. Life changed quickly and everyone in the city was impacted. But still, people needed food. People needed shelter and people needed some sense of normalcy.

So new processes were put in place to support the needs of the community we serve. “Social Distancing” the phrase of the day and food and support were given out regardless the risk. Poverty does not recognize a pandemic. The bridge people sleep under cares not for a pandemic.

We who are called by faith and by sense of duty are asked to be faithful. Instead of “why” it is instead “how”. And so we came and supported and did what we could. For the past year, not a day was missed at our pantries nor for our outreach efforts. People need hope for a better tomorrow. Still relevant a year ago and still true today.

Thanks to all who support community.