January Reflection – by Pastor Max Ramsey

We got to see some amazing things, today. It was zero degrees this morning and I saw someone give their coat to another person who had no coat. No fanfare. No questions asked. I’m the only one who saw it.

I saw two men get at each other and stepped between before it came to blows. Thirty minutes later through a sacrificial act of kindness on the part one toward the other when the other was vulnerable, the two made peace and parted with a completely different view of each other, smiles and a fist bump. Later, one came to me and told about how his higher power made that happen. I believe him.

I saw a young leader find a part of herself that she may not have known before. She shared her warmth and her heart, looked into people’s eyes and saw their wounds, and maybe healed a few. She wasn’t just taking numbers, she was creating three-four minute connections, connecting community members to each other, and speaking life into the hearts of people carrying more than they can bear. She had no concern for herself, no self-consciousness; lost in care for others. She had a different light about her when she left.

I saw so many others who gave themselves away today with no concern for who got the credit. I saw some amazing things, today. This is our community.