In Giving, We Receive – by Cheryl Ousley

It was an ordinary day, much like any other day at the pantry where community members wait for their groceries. Many faces come and go, yet connections develop between strangers and regulars. In a place like this, it’s easy to form friendships that last beyond the time spent .

Every Saturday, warm greetings are exchanged, asking how people spent their weekends and holidays. But this Saturday something more unexpected – As one man was being signed in, he asked if he could donate from his own pocket to the pantry. It may have not been much, but to us it spoke about the truth that we all have something valuable to give no matter where we are in life.

His experiences at the pantry, which has been the one constant thing he could depend on, had made such a powerful impact in his life that he was moved to give back. Sometimes the real lesson we learn is that in giving we receive so much more.