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Friedens Food Pantries are here to help. We have been serving the greater Milwaukee area since 1978.

Our Mission

Friedens Means Peace

Friedens Community Ministries, Inc. is a network of food pantries building ladders of peace throughout Milwaukee.  We believe that a dependable supply of food is a means of bringing hope and dignity to our community.

For more than 40 years, Friedens has transcended the traditional food pantry to build community around food.

Friedens is one of the largest and longest-operating food pantry networks in Milwaukee. Since 1978, we have used a community-centered approach of honoring individual choice by providing fresh and nutritious food options and connecting our community members to other support services

Our Community Services

We have four locations within the greater Milwaukee area to serve members of our community that need food.

In addition to ensuring the people of Milwaukee have access to food, we are fighting to cut down food waste.

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A description of the health and wellness services available through Friedens Community Ministries…

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of people in the City of Milwaukee live below the federal poverty line.

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We don't just serve food, we save it too!

We know the value of food. In the United States, thousands of pounds of food are wasted every year. We work to end this unsustainable waste with our food recovery and recycling program. Follow the link below to learn more.